Will you bet on Northern Diamonds or on South East Stars?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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South East Stars INNINGS (50 overs maximum) Current Status Runs
Bryony Smith (c) bowled by Katie Levick 31
Alice Davidson-Richards bowled by Jenny Gunn 14
Chloe Brewer lbw by Linsey Smith 25
Kirstie White bowled by Beth Langston 73
Alice Capsey catch by Ami Campbell 21
Aylish Cranstone not out 42
Grace Gibbs bowled by Jenny Gunn 1
Phoebe Franklin not out 28
Northern Diamonds INNINGS (target: 251 runs from 50 overs) Current Status Runs
Hollie Armitage (c) catch by Kira Chathli 21
Rachel Hopkins lbw by Grace Gibbs 12
Sterre Kalis 76
Alex MacDonald catch by A Davidson-Richards 5
Ami Campbell catch by Aylish Cranstone 0
Sarah Taylor  bowled by Danielle Gregory 2
Jenny Gunn catch by Phoebe Franklin 50
Beth Langston not out 59
Linsey Smith not out 7