Will you bet on Middlesex or on Somerset?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Middlesex 1st INNINGS Current Status Runs
Sam Robson catch by Tom Abell 165
Max Holden catch by Tom Banton 4
Nick Gubbins lbw by Josh Davey 21
Stevie Eskinazi (c) lbw by Lewis Gregory 22
Robbie White catch by Lewis Gregory 17
Martin Andersson catch by Steven Davies 8
John Simpson  catch by Steven Davies 11
Toby Roland-Jones lbw by Craig Overton 26
Tom Helm catch by James Hildreth 9
Ethan Bamber bowled by Lewis Gregory 9
Tim Murtagh not out 4
Somerset 1st INNINGS Current Status Runs
Tom Banton bowled by Ethan Bamber 6
Tom Lammonby catch by John Simpson 5
Tom Abell (c) catch by Sam Robson 4
James Hildreth lbw by Ethan Bamber 20
George Bartlett catch by John Simpson 0
Steven Davies  lbw by T Roland-Jones 23
Craig Overton bowled by T Roland-Jones 14
Lewis Gregory catch by Sam Robson 10
Josh Davey bowled by Tim Murtagh 4
Marchant de Lange bowled by Martin Andersson 51
Jack Leach not out 28
Middlesex 2nd INNINGS Current Status Runs
Max Holden catch by Steven Davies 1
Sam Robson catch by Steven Davies 13
Nick Gubbins catch by Lewis Gregory 37
Stevie Eskinazi (c) catch by Craig Overton 53
Robbie White catch by Lewis Gregory 2
Martin Andersson lbw by Jack Leach 12
John Simpson  lbw by Josh Davey 1
Toby Roland-Jones lbw by Josh Davey 0
Tom Helm catch by Steven Davies 5
Ethan Bamber lbw by Jack Leach 1
Tim Murtagh not out 6
Somerset 2nd INNINGS (target: 285 runs) Current Status Runs
Tom Banton lbw by T Roland-Jones 37
Tom Lammonby catch by Stevie Eskinazi 0
Tom Abell (c) catch by John Simpson 84
James Hildreth lbw by T Roland-Jones 11
George Bartlett not out 76
Steven Davies  lbw by Ethan Bamber 0
Craig Overton catch by John Simpson 5
Lewis Gregory not out 62