Will you bet on Canada or on Cayman Islands?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Canada Innings Current Status Runs
RA Thomas catch by Conroy Wright 5
NS Dhaliwal (c) bowled by Alistair Ifill 23
NR Kumar lbw by Paul Manning 41
Ravinderpal Singh bowled by Conroy Wright 101
Rizwan Cheema catch by Omar Willis 0
Hamza Tariq catch by Gregory Strydom 8
D Heyliger not out 11
N Dutta not out 2
Cayman Islands Innings Current Status Runs
C Hauptfleisch catch by Hamza Tariq 1
D Cato 6
YSD Seneveratne bowled by Romesh Eranga 0
OR Willis bowled by Romesh Eranga 1
GM Strydom catch by Navneet Dhaliwal 49
P Manning lbw by Junaid Siddiqui 0
AF Ifill catch by Hamza Tariq 9
T Taylor not out 19
C Wright not out 16