Will you bet on Scotland or on Papua New Guinea?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Papua New Guinea Innings Current Status Runs
TP Ura catch by Craig Wallace 46
G Toka catch by Matthew Cross 16
A Vala (c) lbw by Hamza Tahir 36
L Siaka catch by Richie Berrington 2
CJA Amini bowled by Safyaan Sharif 32
S Bau bowled by Michael Leask 1
K Doriga not out 39
CA Soper bowled by Hamza Tahir 6
N Vanua catch by Gavin Main 5
D Ravu catch by Matthew Cross 0
N Pokana not out 6
Scotland Innings Current Status Runs
MH Cross bowled by Nosaina Pokana 7
KJ Coetzer (c) bowled by Assad Vala 96
CS MacLeod catch by Nosaina Pokana 36
HG Munsey catch by Charles Amini 0
RD Berrington stumped by Kiplin Doriga 22
CD Wallace catch by Damien Ravu 11
MA Leask catch by Gaudi Toka 19
SM Sharif not out 7
MRJ Watt not out 4