Will you bet on Bengaluru Blasters or on Namma Shivamogga?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Bengaluru Blasters Innings Current Status Runs
BR Sharath catch & bowled by Pavan Deshpande 42
RP Kadam catch by Nihal Ullal 25
R Jonathan (c) catch by Arjun Hoysala 3
Nikin Jose not out 23
KN Bharath not out 16
Namma Shivamogga Innings Current Status Runs
A Arjun Hoysala stumped by BR Sharath 16
NU Ullal lbw by Doddamani Anand 33
M Nidesh not out 17
PU Deshpande catch by BR Sharath 3
A Mithun (c) not out 34