Will you bet on Bellary Tuskers or on Bijapur Bulls?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Bijapur Bulls Innings Current Status Runs
MG Naveen catch by Suraj Reddy 0
B Chipli (c) catch by Abrar Kazi 50
RR Bhatkal bowled by Prasidh Krishna 62
GS Chiranjeevi catch by Suraj Reddy 7
SN Raju catch by Abhishek Reddy 14
NP Bhareth catch by Codanda Ajit Karthik 2
KC Cariappa not out 7
Swapnil Yelave 4
SL Akshay not out 4
Bellary Tuskers Innings Current Status Runs
AM Reddy not out 62
CA Karthik catch by Raju Bhatkal 57
D Padikkal catch by Swapnil Yelave 29
K Gowtham catch by Raju Bhatkal 6
CM Gautam (c) not out 0