Will you bet on Northern Knights or on Leinster Lightning?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Northern Knights Innings Current Status Runs
MP Ellison lbw by Tyrone Kane 4
SC Getkate catch by Lorcan Tucker 4
HT Tector lbw by Tyrone Kane 18
GC Wilson (c) catch by Lorcan Tucker 40
NA Rock bowled by Tyrone Kane 1
GJ Thompson catch by George Dockrell 2
MR Adair catch by Lorcan Tucker 40
J Mulder bowled by Gareth Delany 28
J Cameron-Dow lbw by Gareth Delany 22
J Manley bowled by Tyrone Kane 1
MT Foster not out 0
Leinster Lightning Innings Current Status Runs
JB Tector bowled by Mark Adair 19
GJ Delany catch by Neil Rock 6
A Balbirnie 90
LJ Tucker not out 57
Simi Singh not out 5