Will you bet on Leinster Lightning or on North-West Warriors?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Leinster Lightning 1st Innings Current Status Runs
JB Tector bowled by Craig Young 0
CMJ McLoughlin-Gavin catch by William Smale 12
A Balbirnie catch by Boyd Rankin 2
ST Doheny catch by William Smale 16
Simi Singh 29
LJ Tucker catch by William Smale 19
GH Dockrell (c) catch by William Smale 10
TE Kane catch by Craig Young 21
BJ McCarthy catch by William Smale 0
JB Little bowled by Craig Young 3
PKD Chase not out 0
North-West Warriors 1st Innings Current Status Runs
WTS Porterfield not out 95
R Allen lbw by Josh Little 27
AP Gillespie lbw by Barry McCarthy 15
BI Louw catch by Andy Balbirnie 1
DA Rankin bowled by Simi Singh 0
AR McBrine (c) catch by Andy Balbirnie 3
WT Smale 0
G Kennedy lbw by Barry McCarthy 0
GI Hume catch by Andy Balbirnie 20
CA Young lbw by Simi Singh 0
R MacBeth not out 0