Will you bet on Hampshire 2nd XI or on Glamorgan 2nd XI?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Glamorgan 2nd XI Innings Current Status Runs
NJ Selman catch by James Fuller 7
JL Lawlor catch by Gareth Schreuder 3
TN Cullen (c) catch by Ajeet Dale 11
WT Root not out 49
AO Morgan bowled by Ajeet Dale 10
CR Hemphrey catch by Gareth Schreuder 1
CR Brown catch by Harrison Ward 17
JM Cooke bowled by James Fuller 4
RI Walker not out 7
Hampshire 2nd XI Innings Current Status Runs
FS Organ (c) catch by Tom Cullen 2
HD Ward catch by Charlie Hemphrey 8
IG Holland catch by Owen Morgan 58
HRC Came bowled by Roman Walker 0
JK Fuller catch by Billy Root 8
TAR Scriven 17
OC Soames bowled by Charlie Hemphrey 0
CG Harrison catch by Joe Cooke 6
GRB Schreuder not out 15
RA Stevenson not out 0