Will you bet on Glamorgan 2nd XI or on Nottinghamshire 2nd XI?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Glamorgan 2nd XI Innings Current Status Runs
NJ Selman not out 115
JL Lawlor catch & bowled by Chris Gibson 38
TN Cullen (c) catch by Saad Ashraf 41
WT Root bowled by Jack Blatherwick 1
AO Morgan catch by Saad Ashraf 2
CR Hemphrey not out 0
Nottinghamshire 2nd XI Innings Current Status Runs
CD Nash catch by Joe Cooke 5
BT Slater catch by Prem Sisodiya 0
LA Patterson-White catch by Owen Morgan 9
CF Gibson bowled by Kazi Szymanski 0
LW James (c) catch by Tom Cullen 14
J Schadendorf catch by Tom Cullen 45
ST Ashraf bowled by Owen Morgan 11
M Carter catch by Connor Brown 5
JM Blatherwick bowled by Kazi Szymanski 4
JT Potticary bowled by Charlie Hemphrey 4
Kashif Ali not out 1