Will you bet on Biratnagar Kings or on Rupandehi Challengers?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Biratnagar Kings Innings Current Status Runs
H Shah catch by P Mehra 0
Aasif Sheikh bowled by LS Bhandari 8
AUK Pathan catch by B Sharki 16
P Baskota lbw by P Mehra 4
Suwash Ayer catch by Babar Hayat 9
Samsad Sheikh catch by PS Airee 10
K Bhurtel catch by S Sunar 12
Avinash Yadav catch by P Mehra 7
RP Magar not out 17
Karan KC (c) catch by P Mehra 2
Susan Bhari not out 0
Rupandehi Challengers Innings Current Status Runs
PS Airee catch & bowled by Susan Bhari 2
S Sunar lbw by Karan KC 0
Babar Hayat catch by AUK Pathan 17
B Bhandari catch & bowled by Avinash Yadav 7
P Mehra catch by Karan KC 46
B Sharki not out 12
B Regmi (c) not out 8