Will you bet on CYC Attariya or on Dhangadhi Stars?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

CYC Attariya Innings Current Status Runs
JA Kolsawala catch & bowled by Rohan Mustafa 21
S Pandey lbw by Rohan Mustafa 3
P Tamang bowled by Amir Hayat 12
DS Airee (c) catch by R Rijal 11
Sunny Patel not out 35
S Jhora catch by Rohan Mustafa 2
B Karki not out 3
Dhangadhi Stars Innings Current Status Runs
Rohan Mustafa bowled by DS Airee 18
S Dhamala bowled by Sunny Patel 4
A Shrestha catch & bowled by Sunny Patel 0
S Rajali catch by Sunny Patel 11
P Sarraf catch by Sunny Patel 0
Sompal Kami (c) catch by Sunny Patel 10
Amir Hayat lbw by B Karki 4
R Rijal not out 26
S Khanal catch by DS Airee 0
R Chhetri 2
Bipin Khatri not out 0