Will you bet on Dhangadhi Stars or on Kathmandu Goldens?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Dhangadhi Stars Innings Current Status Runs
S Dhamala catch by GY Tomar 3
Rohan Mustafa 0
A Shrestha bowled by NK Yadav 50
S Rajali catch & bowled by LN Rajbanshi 28
P Sarraf catch by LN Rajbanshi 19
S Khanal not out 25
Sompal Kami (c) not out 0
Kathmandu Goldens Innings Current Status Runs
GY Tomar lbw by Bipin Khatri 28
AK Sah bowled by Rohan Mustafa 24
AM Dabas bowled by Rohan Mustafa 29
G Malla (c) bowled by Amir Hayat 3
S Tamang bowled by Rohan Mustafa 2
M Alam not out 12
YS Karki catch by S Rajali 2
BK Bhusal not out 14