Will you bet on Mahendranagar United or on Rupandehi Challengers?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Rupandehi Challengers Innings Current Status Runs
PS Airee catch by S Lohani 1
S Sunar 15
Babar Hayat catch by S Lohani 14
B Bhandari catch by Kushal Malla 19
P Mehra catch by D Nath 3
B Sharki catch by A Bohara 2
S Maharjan catch by S Dhakal 27
B Regmi (c) bowled by S Lohani 0
K Karki catch by Kushal Malla 4
Bikram Sob not out 16
LS Bhandari 0
Mahendranagar United Innings Current Status Runs
D Nath catch by Babar Hayat 8
S Vesawkar (c) catch by B Bhandari 4
S Anand catch by Bikram Sob 25
Kushal Malla catch by P Mehra 9
Aarif Sheikh catch by B Regmi 5
RK Paudel bowled by Bikram Sob 24
S Lohani catch by P Mehra 0
Mohammad Naveed bowled by K Karki 12
AS Routela not out 6
A Bohara not out 3