Will you bet on Western Storm or on Surrey Stars?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Western Storm Innings Current Status Runs
RH Priest catch by Marizanne Kapp 44
S Mandhana catch by Dane van Niekerk 0
HC Knight (c) bowled by Dane van Niekerk 13
FC Wilson bowled by Laura Marsh 27
SN Luff stumped by Sarah Taylor 32
DB Sharma catch by Laura Marsh 32
ND Dattani not out 5
A Shrubsole catch by Marizanne Kapp 0
A Griffiths 1
FR Davies not out 0
Surrey Stars Innings Current Status Runs
L Lee catch by Rachel Priest 0
D van Niekerk bowled by Deepti Sharma 0
SJ Taylor catch by Claire Nicholas 73
NR Sciver (c) catch by Fran Wilson 31
M Kapp catch by Claire Nicholas 23
BF Smith 3
MK Villiers catch by Naomi Dattani 9
LA Marsh not out 3
E Gray catch & bowled by Anya Shrubsole 4