Will you bet on Lancashire Thunder or on Loughborough Lightning?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Loughborough Lightning Innings Current Status Runs
HK Matthews catch by Tahlia McGrath 4
AE Jones lbw by Kate Cross 0
AC Jayangani catch by Tahlia McGrath 8
GA Elwiss (c) catch by Tahlia McGrath 38
M du Preez bowled by Emma Lamb 18
GL Adams 50
KE Bryce bowled by Sophie Ecclestone 32
JL Gunn not out 0
S Glenn not out 0
Lancashire Thunder Innings Current Status Runs
TM McGrath catch by Emma Lamb 26
S Luus catch by Mignon du Preez 30
SIR Dunkley catch & bowled by Hayley Matthews 0
H Kaur catch by Hayley Matthews 7
EL Lamb bowled by Kirstie Gordon 0
RA Fackrell not out 3
S Ecclestone catch by Emma Lamb 0