Will you bet on Western Storm or on Southern Vipers?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Western Storm Innings Current Status Runs
RH Priest lbw by Lauren Bell 24
S Mandhana catch by Suzie Bates 24
HC Knight (c) catch by Maia Bouchier 61
FC Wilson not out 50
SN Luff not out 0
Southern Vipers Innings Current Status Runs
SW Bates catch by Rachel Priest 2
DN Wyatt catch by Deepti Sharma 56
TT Beaumont (c) catch by Deepti Sharma 25
SR Taylor catch by Fran Wilson 28
ME Bouchier stumped by Rachel Priest 10
M Kelly catch by Fran Wilson 5
PJ Scholfield catch by Heather Knight 6
FMK Morris catch by Fran Wilson 11
A Wellington catch by Fran Wilson 3
I Wong not out 0