Will you bet on Loughborough Lightning or on Yorkshire Diamonds?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

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Yorkshire Diamonds Innings Current Status Runs
AJ Healy catch by Lucy Higham 15
L Winfield (c) catch by Georgia Adams 9
HJ Armitage bowled by Kirstie Gordon 6
JI Rodrigues catch by Hayley Matthews 58
AN Davidson-Richards 12
BAM Heath catch by Georgia Elwiss 9
KL George 10
BA Langston bowled by Hayley Matthews 1
LM Kasperek 1
LCN Smith 1
KA Levick not out 1
Loughborough Lightning Innings Current Status Runs
HK Matthews bowled by Katie Levick 24
AE Jones catch by Alyssa Healy 29
AC Jayangani 15
GA Elwiss (c) lbw by Linsey Smith 10
M du Preez not out 38
GL Adams not out 9