Will you bet on Sussex or on Middlesex?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Middlesex 1st Innings Current Status Runs
SD Robson catch by Ben Brown 0
SS Eskinazi catch by Harry Finch 24
NRT Gubbins catch by Tom Haines 3
DJ Malan (c) catch by Ben Brown 3
PR Stirling lbw by Ollie Robinson 4
JA Simpson bowled by Ollie Robinson 2
JAR Harris catch by Harry Finch 0
TS Roland-Jones catch by Harry Finch 9
NA Sowter catch by Ben Brown 2
ST Finn lbw by Will Beer 5
TJ Murtagh not out 20
Sussex 1st Innings Current Status Runs
PD Salt catch by Nick Gubbins 4
LWP Wells catch by Nick Gubbins 62
TJ Haines catch by Paul Stirling 5
HZ Finch lbw by Tom Haines 0
AT Carey catch by Dawid Malan 56
BC Brown (c) catch by John Simpson 3
D Wiese catch by John Simpson 0
WAT Beer bowled by Tim Murtagh 77
OE Robinson catch & bowled by Nathan Sowter 37
EO Hooper catch by John Simpson 20
JD Warner not out 13
Middlesex 2nd Innings Current Status Runs
SS Eskinazi bowled by Ollie Robinson 4
SD Robson not out 61
NRT Gubbins catch by Philip Salt 28
DJ Malan (c) bowled by Elliot Hooper 19
PR Stirling bowled by Ollie Robinson 0
JA Simpson not out 30