Will you bet on Durham or on Leicestershire?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Durham 1st Innings Current Status Runs
AZ Lees lbw by Mohammad Abbas 181
CT Steel catch by Colin Ackermann 24
AJ Robson lbw by Will Davis 16
PSP Handscomb lbw by Chris Wright 29
JTA Burnham catch by Harry Swindells 86
L Trevaskis lbw by Gavin Griffiths 37
NJ Rimmington bowled by Will Davis 25
EJH Eckersley (c) not out 71
BA Raine lbw by Chris Wright 11
BA Carse 43
Leicestershire 1st Innings Current Status Runs
Hassan Azad catch by Peter Handscomb 53
PJ Horton (c) catch by Angus Robson 52
NJ Dexter catch by Ned Eckersley 0
MJ Cosgrove bowled by Liam Trevaskis 21
CN Ackermann not out 7
CJC Wright not out 5