Will you bet on Derbyshire or on Gloucestershire?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Derbyshire 1st Innings Current Status Runs
LM Reece catch by Gareth Roderick 3
BA Godleman (c) catch by Gareth Roderick 0
WL Madsen bowled by Ryan Higgins 21
TC Lace lbw by Ryan Higgins 16
JL du Plooy catch by James Bracey 15
AL Hughes bowled by Ryan Higgins 39
HR Hosein catch by Miles Hammond 6
MJJ Critchley lbw by Ben Allison 5
FJ Hudson-Prentice catch by Gareth Roderick 38
LV van Beek not out 34
R Rampaul catch by James Bracey 5
Gloucestershire 1st Innings Current Status Runs
JR Bracey catch by Harvey Hosein 5
CDJ Dent (c) catch by Harvey Hosein 169
GH Roderick catch by Matt Critchley 0
MAH Hammond catch by Harvey Hosein 36
TMJ Smith bowled by Matt Critchley 32
BG Charlesworth catch by Harvey Hosein 1
RF Higgins lbw by Logan van Beek 101
JMR Taylor not out 12
DA Payne not out 13