Will you bet on Yorkshire or on Nottinghamshire?

Fantasy cricket can be fun and challenging.

Fantasy API Sample Cricket Fantasy Betting

Yorkshire 1st Innings Current Status Runs
A Lyth catch by Tom Moores 4
WAR Fraine catch by Chris Nash 11
GS Ballance catch by Jake Libby 0
T Kohler-Cadmore bowled by Luke Wood 1
HC Brook catch by Tom Moores 6
JA Tattersall catch by Tom Moores 92
TT Bresnan catch by Tom Moores 58
KA Maharaj bowled by Luke Fletcher 7
SA Patterson (c) not out 16
BO Coad lbw by Liam Patterson-White 4
D Olivier bowled by Liam Patterson-White 14
Nottinghamshire 1st Innings Current Status Runs
BT Slater catch by Jonathan Tattersall 29
JD Libby bowled by Duanne Olivier 18
CD Nash (c) catch & bowled by Duanne Olivier 33
JM Clarke catch by Jonathan Tattersall 8
BM Duckett bowled by Keshav Maharaj 13
LA Patterson-White catch by Jonathan Tattersall 15
TJ Moores catch by Jonathan Tattersall 48
P Coughlin catch by Harry Brook 0
L Wood catch by Adam Lyth 6
LJ Fletcher catch by Harry Brook 4
JT Ball not out 1
Yorkshire 2nd Innings Current Status Runs
A Lyth catch by Paul Coughlin 81
WAR Fraine lbw by Luke Fletcher 24
GS Ballance not out 52
SA Patterson (c) not out 5